Your contribution to the green and friendly environment can being from the selection of some most modern and state of the art gadgets. With the help of these a great contribution can be made in the global quest of conserving and saving energy. Here some of gadgets that can be used on the energy saving campaign follow as:

Yes there is a water-powered alarm clock: You don’t believe it but it truly comes on a very low price of $26 from its manufacture, Bedol. The water-powered alarm clock is entirely free for runnign it. 

Biodegradable Laptops: These ultra-latest models of the laptops are into fashion since few years. Brands like Fujitsu, ASUS and ACER all are now providing eco-friendly bio-degradable laptops. These laptops are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials and hardly contain any harmful chemicals.  These energy saving laptops are very nice to carry on travels.

USB rechargeable battery: Similar in appearance to a cigarette lighter, just far cleverer, the USB rechargeable battery works like a normal chemical inducing power device. You just need to connect it to the USB port and needs to rest till it fills up. The charger comes with a multipack of batteries with a lifecycle of 500 charges. USB batteries have got to be the ultimate eco-friendly traveller’s companion.

iPhone: There are many suspiciously similar phones around now, but when comes to look should be a iPhone. iPhone relives from many energy consuming gadgets like  MP3 player,  compass, camera and even the biodegradable laptop.

Media player with solar power: Using the sunrays this device let its owner to listen to the music, play games and to read e-books. It also works as a charge for all devices it hasn’t out of business like as phone, digital cameras and portable DVD players.

And there are many more and lots of another bio-friendly gadgets that you can search in the market.

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