Television, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular proponents of media and advertising, as clearly manifested by its message delivery potential in millions of households. For the reason, it is always preferred by entrepreneurs to brand, advertise and market their product and services. However, the privilege enjoyed by the electronic media as a telecasting media is challenged by non conventional mediums of communications like internet and wireless. Due to convenience, speed, ease to use and multi-functionality, online media has come with its own version of multimedia encompassing technologies like YouTube and other video promoting sites.  You Tube, a video displaying and playing service provided by search engine giant Google has caught up the nerve and sense of modern masses particularly of youth. Versatility and popularity of YouTube have provided advertisers another viable medium to promote their products. Many market experts even have started advocating youtube as a better platform for promotion than electronic media.

There are score of reasons in favor of YouTube to be a better platform for advertising in comparison to electronic media. You tube is an ever present medium and can be accessed through variety of devices like iPad, mobile, note books, etc.  Advertising on YouTube is absolutely free whereas television promotion requires a good amount of investment in producing about a minute long advertisement.    

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