It’s time for any online business to look at customer service as an effective online marketing strategy, courtesy Social Media Marketing. Social media have greatly extended the ability that companies and business owners have to solve problems and address concerns, through conversations, in a direct and intimate way. Just like it was done in the old times, before the Internet and the industrial era.
This is why, making your organization highly responsive, accessible, and open to its customers can be a truly effective and transformative approach to marketing effectively. But how can you build a customer service that provides you with such competitive advantage?
Joseph Laffe, author of The Customer Service Manifesto (republished here in full), believes that a customer service that really works in today’s world must be:

ready to address customers’ needs and provide effective solutions to their problems.

made-up by professionally-trained employees that do believe in their brand’s mission and want to provide genuine assistance to customers.
•In-house: run and controlled by the business itself in order to establish a direct and true relationship with customers.
If you want to understand what exactly needs to be done to make your custom service efforts turn your clients into raving fans and supporters, The Customer Service Manifesto will help you identify the critical points to move from being a seller of services and products into a trusted partner and advisor for a growing group of happy customers

Courtesy: Masternewmedia

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