Though different, the role of a content writer somehow revolves around developing content albeit for a specific purpose of e-learning. E- Learning combines the education and technology in a unitary form to provide message and education to aspirants for achieving educational goal.
A good content writer in instructional designing plays the leading role for developing successful e-learning process. Whether the SME (Subject Matter Concepts) were developed by designers and programmers, it is a successful content writer or developer can only turn it into successful e-learning experience.

For a brief introduction, instructional designing can be termed as art of knowledge related to research and theory about instructional strategies and the process for developing and implementing those strategies. A content writer in instructional designing happens to be a skilled professional in learning processes, instructional theories and methods.  His role is either to design itself or assist some one in developing e-learning process. He should be person with an inquisitive attitude, critical thinking skills and an ability to give suggestion to improve or upgrade existing curriculum and technology in e-learning module. 

So ID (Instructional  Designing)  is a step wise process as to develop educational module for e-learning process.

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