No doubt as a content writer you have developed a very good piece of copy writing. Though feel your job some how, incomplete, when it comes into term with sales. There is something lacking in the written piece of content which can force a customers to rush to buy it after reading. There is something missing in it that can excite one immediate, lacking in personal approach and appeal.

For realization your content is lacking in emotion despite of all features and benefit included in it. Adding emotions in content writing means listing of all problems faced by a customer with perspective of solution as regard to a particular product or services. Precisely, features addressing to a problem.

So emotion filled content writing pulls out emotions and experience from the customer’s everyday life and describes them into a piece of writing. It talks about their problems and offer them a solutions. It makes the customer confident about a product and gives them confidence in selecting right product or service. When emotions are put through them their own life they feel themselves to be connected with the product. And assume that is the right which can solve most of their problems.
This was the one aspect of emotion, catering to an individual business, however for a business to business copy the same formula applies but with certain modification. Here you will consider for business client, their aspirations, challenges and return infusion of emotions in copy writing with certain vocabulary and sentence creation.

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