Content that has emerged as life line of entire cyber activity is also equally responsible for getting a website a better position on the internet for the survival of a website with respect to traffic and better SERP results. It is the heading, the keywords, Meta tags into the body of a webpage that guarantees a website to appear on respective searches for the particular keywords all are parts of the content. The positioning of keywords upto a website itself can be understood as process of on page optimization or on page web promotion. However, this content spreading activity that with reference to your website when is done is off page then it is known to be the Article publishing, this is also done by other mesns too like press release, etc. Though it’s most latest and advanced form is content syndication where a respective content is get spread across different websites that receives content like Ezine Articles,, article base, etc.           

Content syndication thus can be understood from the method by content find space across the internet to be placed at a space and position. There a particular article can be found with the writer’s permission, on a good number of websites. However as it is very easy to digitally cut and paste therefore it is found that many a times a content is found on and across internet without writer’s permission. A content syndication agreement generally includes certain form of compensation to the original author. This can be as little as like there providing the author’s name or its website address. There a monetary compensation can also be included there. A content syndication agreement can be for one article or for many. It can also be an ongoing agreement under which the author or authors agree to provide periodical writings that the website(s) will then publish on a daily or otherwise regular basis. With the explosion of web publishing tools in the past few years, it has become easier and easier for people to publish their writings on the web. Be they articles or reports or blogs or travelogues, these writings are prime candidates for content syndication to specific interested parties.

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