In the era of online marketing and cyber space, content strategy plays a very vital role in deciding about the type of content that should be uploaded on a website. Well designed content is happily consumed and distributed among the various channels that use well developed content; like people in user experience related services, information architecture, content management systems, coding, metadata, visual design, user research, and many other areas.

Under a content strategy, content for the web is created, published and governed for a useful dissemination of an idea or concept for the purpose of learning, teaching and other methods. A content developer first should look, why he is getting a content written and published and for whom he is developing content. A properly handled content strategy deals with the following imperative issues like: key themes and messages, recommended topics, content purpose, content gap analysis, metadata frameworks and related content attributes, search engine optimization (SEO), and recommendations for creation, publication and regulation of the content.

This content strategy further on helps in different disciplines for writing and developing content and is step wise process starting with Editorial Strategy and continuing with Web Content Writing, Metadata Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Content management strategy and finally summing up at Content channel distribution strategy. This is an outline of Content strategy which can be followed in process to develop a very high quality, multi-user content.