Internet marketing that has many forms and methods to work for its goal of getting with a better SERP rankings alog with even advent of social media too, to a large extend depends upon the keywords related to search to fetch out better results with perspective of rankings. However it is a million dollar question to ask about entire search engine exercised to be rolled around the keyword.

If go into a sort of retrospective to entire search engine marketing or internet marketing exercise than we will get keywords at the every core of the exercises and operations that are being carried out to ensure better ranking results. This even can understand this way that if we searches out for anything on the net, than we simply type a keyword as if we are looking for content provider company we will simply type keyword content, content provider or any other related and similar keyword. So it is the keyword that is core to our search and is therefore highly valued on the different operations and exercises of the search engine optimization.           

First of all during the SEO tactics a keyword is being employed at the title of the page where on the browses it catches the attention of  reader as well as search at a very instance a page is browsed it surfed. The next placement of keyword is kept at the heading of the content that is written on the page and thereafter it is applied to various subheads as well as during various paragraph of the page as fitting to the requirement of the page. It is also applied to images on the page as in form of alt tags. It is also there on the site in different form in meta description and meta keywords.

The offpage promotion activity let that keyword to spread across the entire soul of internet in form of anchor text and by the process of directory submission. Article submission, press release and presently hyped and to an extent truly social media big wigs too are using keywords as to catch as well as deflect attention.  Hence one can easily understand importance of key word on the cyber space for survival of a website.    

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