While sitting on the terrace, I am looking around the high domes of modern civilization, abounded with offices of multinationals, with creek of printers, hassles of computers and roar of most intelligent mortals on the earth. I some times get into deepest thoughts in assessing myself and my aptness on this place, which is capital of India (Delhi) and hub of activities of a promising economy that surely be world power by 2020, as retorted by our politicians mostly in press conferences, followed by long discussions on Indian poverty and its third world status with sip of most expensive brand of booze and imported mutton. Does it seem that I am negative or pessimistic about life?

It could be sarcasm from me about the all the happening that is going around, where rush for money devoid us from the basic thoughts that we ought to have for our self.

We become, if it is not harsh to term – Hypocrite and forget all about very real human value. All the above discussion is about migration, migration of soul; migration from lower surfaces to higher platforms, without caring for sensitivities and emotions. And what ultimately is crushed- are very basic human values.

I myself have migrated from, if not from a small town; but from a city named Lucknow that too is capital of – UP (Uttar Pradesh) – a state of Indian Republic. Lucknow, itself is very active city politically and being capital of UP, it sent most numbers of MPs into the Parliament. Lucknow was a place quite cool for me as it has habitants – mostly bureaucrats, government servants and army personal (As it is there in Lucknow the central command of Indian Army has its’ headquarter).

Ah! It’s enough of philosophy simply I m here in Delhi for three odd years doing super odd types of jobs during the years. I like Delhi someway other way it is most disliked place on the earth by me. That is all summary; I do not want to continue it is enough for the day. I will keep on telling adventure and mishaps that I had been through all this hell. Till then bye……

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