It has been an issue of keen interest for sociologist to understand the pattern and behavior of tweet that is credited by governments and agencies for igniting the uprising in different parts of the world over a year and so.

The proliferation of a tweet depends on two things- first information as measured by number of people witness a tweet and second, behavior of spreading. The spread of information depends not only following of a tweet but also upon the central people who spread a tweet fierier. It means a person connected with other well resourced persons help in spread of a message more instantly. You are central if you have better reach to other central users who are at the core of the entire network. It means how many connections and further connections having further more connections.

The central people can also be known as “core tweeters”, broadcaster or global bridges. As they connect multiple local networks they can be easily attributed as bridges. Others get inspired from their local networks.    Local networks play their important role in spreading behavior. The behavior between people depends upon their mutual connections. The more a person’s mutual connections tweet about something, the greater the likelihood others would respond to it. Moreover, time sensitive nature of tweets requires more and more tweets in less time. This way the actual reach of a tweet depends upon how it reaches to other third parties of his own owner from where it started the journey.

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