Acer released the world’s thinnest laptop computer in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The lunched model Aspire S5 has a 13.3 inch screen and is 15mm thick. It weighs just less than 1.35 kg (three pounds). The Acer is in mood to launch four more models of the laptops as reveled by the Acer’s chief executive J T Wang. “By the second quarter of this year we will have four models of ultrabook and more to come.”

The release of laptops is scheduled after the release of Windows 8 by Microsoft later this year. On the occasion Acer also declared that soon it would come with free service that would allow its users to store video, photos, music, and documents through internet Cloud and access files from and widows 8 or Android software powered gadgets. He also elaborated that ACER is also modify window to work well with Android and other platforms as well. 

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