Buying a home is a very tedious and cumbersome process; it requires ample caution and attention before singing home buying deal. The process to buy can be organized in better way by the help of modern day gadgets and apps. On a smart phone now one enjoys ease and liberty to search and research through various apps before going for a final home buying decision. Here are discussed the five most famous home buying apps that one should pay attention towards.

•    Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Home Selection Assistant: This free app available on iPhone is a great aid while on a site investigation about a property. You can take your own photos and add personal remark to the photo about any peculiarity which can be investigated later on. 

•     ZipRealty: This free application is available on iPhone and iPad. It helps in locating better homes and gardens during home search in a particular locality and area. It also has a “House Scan” feature that takes to every possible property for sale in your area. With the help of the apps, specific notes for a property can be developed.

•     Wikihood: The free application for iPhone and iPad tells about specific location where you are aiming to buy a property. The application automatically provides all the articles about a geographic location on the phone. With this tool, you get all the relevant and historic information about   a location.    

•    Mortgage Calculator Pro: On the reasonable charge of one dollar this is an  iPhone centric app. This helps to calculate the mortgage payments in more realistically manner in comparison with the final price of a property that can be sold out easily. In estimating the mortgage payments it also includes property taxes, HOA fees and other miscellaneous items.

•    Essential Real Estate Dictionary: The specific real estate dictionary costing for $10 is for iPhone and iPad. It simplifies words like “estoppel” and “easement”. It includes about 3,000 real estate terms increase your knowledge about real estate terms.

With the aid of these apps you can make search for your home much easy and organized.

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