For your link building strategies, it is possible to just hire a professional to do all the work for you and get your site to be more visible in the Internet. But what if you do not have the money to hire an expert to do the job for you? Here are the top 5 link building strategies that even beginners can do to improve their websites.
Commenting on Blogs
It seems that everyone has an opinion in today’s world, and in order to channel their opinions to the world, these people set up their own blogs. With the vast majority of blogs these days, there are a lot of opportunities for visitors to leave comments that are going to improve interaction with the initial opinion of the blog owner.
People who are looking to build links should not avoid these blogs, especially their comment sections but it would be best to avoid placing a link at the bottom of a comment because it will appear spammy. Instead, leave your own link as your signature. There are a lot of commenters today that do the same thing for their own personal blogs.
Become a Sponsor
There are many web users today that appreciate a good contest once in a while. It would be easy for you to reach out to the webmasters of relevant blogs and websites and ask them if they are interested in participating in a contest that you came up with. If you are able to convince them to join, then ensure that they advertise this contest in their website, ultimately leading to providing a link back towards yours.
Monthly Recap
There are a lot of writers today that experience rounds of writer’s block, even those who are the best. For guest posters, it will be hard to come up with fresh and new ideas for the blog or website that you wish to write for. For link builders however, you will still have to provide content as this is the main reason why people are surfing the web.
If you are looking for an idea to write about, check out the writing recap of what has happened recently in your industry a month before. This will make it easier for you to write and will be even easier for people outside of that industry to read your content.
Social Networking   
If you do not have your own blog yet, you can use your social networking profile instead. Social media is widespread and trending today and has taken over communications digitally to the extent where email has been made antiquated. There are many audiences to provide links for through social networking sites and this will make it even easier for beginners to work with.
Avoid Being a Stalker Online
Rejection can occur even in the online world. Not all of the webmasters out there are going to be interested in what you have to offer. Some of them will provide high amount of criticism while others will just provide a flat rejection. The trick here is not to take things personally and avoid contacting them back with the same idea that you have been rejected for. Just move on to the next site or blog and come back to the one you have been rejected for a new idea.
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Norris Lasay is writer for business and the outdoors, providing guest posts for relevant blogs. Norris also writes on topics such as wireless Internet at Broadband Expert during his free time.
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