The year of 2016, as believed by smartphone experts and analysts is a year of cellphones with special processors that allow a user to have the powerful RAM for their exclusive data usage depending their personal as well as professional choices. 
iPhone maker Apple  has already pioneered the efforts introducing latest iPhone series that allows users to separate their work, emails, contacts and apps separate from their personal lives. It is like two handsets in a single device.

Another interesting phone feature as to be revealed in the coming time is to bring your own device-to work.  However, Blackberry is not the only iPhone maker to use and employ this type of type of utilities and facilities. The industry masters in smarts phone segment are also underway to launch the phone equipped with this type of features. It is expected that LG, Samsung and Motorola will arrive with this type of phone features and utilities in coming time. This type of telephone technology is primarily on the vision of allowing businesses to utilize their data, while at the same time letting their employees to use phones for their official work and jobs.   

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