Web is viewing a very different type of content placement on the Internet, on the one side there are ample of “apps” that provides facility to upload and share content by variety of technologies and services and other are search engines where a person always can have content in form of information, news and data. And this war between apps and search engines to keep content with them is getting intensified with time. This is providing ample opportunity for content providers and distributors.
Going a bit into detail web apps have gained importance both for publishers and developers who find intriguing to enhance their content with extended features. And web applications catering to web content has extended to both web and the mobile world and this can be proved true from the below provided statistics:   
•    Google is about to open the Chrome Web Store, a marketplace for browser-independent web apps, later this year.

•    A new report from IDC states that smartphone sales has increased of a massive 56.7% from Q1 2009 to Q1 2010 as Smartphones are capable of running web apps. As far as number of apps there are available around 160, 000 for Apple devices and there are too are about 42,000 Android apps available there.
So here million dollar question rises whether Apps are anyway going to take place of of web by any means or standard. “As a matter of fact, while web publishers might look to apps as an alternative strategy to supercharge and distribute their content, the web itself is becoming increasingly functional and extensible with the adoption of new standards (like HTML5) and technologies that can leverage the new input abilities of last-gen devices.
However, the worst problem with web apps is that they are hard to find out by any means and measure whereas web content is very helpful as is findable due to the search engine queries and hyperlinks that are not possible web apps and content within a web application. So in order to make use of web apps one should better understand how Web content can be used in larger way.     
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