As so many advertisers’ tries to reach completely different types of audiences, therefore, advertising also tends to be of different types. Popularly, known to be on the audience reach advertising has been defined to be in following popular categories.

· BRAND ADVERTISING: The most popular form of advertising is a national consumer advertising that is also known as brand advertising and focus on long term brand identity and image.

· RETAIL OR LOCAL ADVERTISING: It is local in nature and focuses on the store where a variety of products can be purchased or services are offered. It create distinctive image for the store but emphasize on price, availability, location and hours of operation.

· POLITICAL ADVERTISING: It is form of advertising used by politicians to persuade people to vote for them.

DIRECTORY ADVERTISING: The reference type of advertising is known, where information is derived from directory type listing, Yellow pages is one of the examples of this type of advertising.

• DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING: It involves any medium for advertising including, direct mails but main purpose here is to generate direct sales instead of brand awareness.

• BUSINESS To BUSINESS ADVERTISING: The messages directed towards retailers, wholesalers, and distributors and journals between professionals are to known as an example of business to business advertising.

• INSTITUTIONAL ADVERTISING: Institutional advertising which is known as corporate advertising is been directed towards creating towards corporate identity.

• PUBLIC SERVICE ADVERTISING: This advertising focus on messages for social welfare and massive message delivery.

• INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING: This form of advertising is for the people who remain is contact of mobile phones, computer and internet.

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