In the most forms of writing or content writing it remains the topmost objective of a content writer to reach as much as closer to a good number of audience as to reflect the message as conveyed through the piece of writing whether it is advertising or it is a apiece of literature in form of poetry or prose.

And your audience no doubt is the mass ranging from a varied social and educational back ground, so as for an effective communication it becomes very imperative for a content writer to express his ideas very clearly and persuasively to its reader. So for the purpose of clarity the first rule is refraining away from the exercise of METADISCOURSE that is excessive and unnecessary writing as expressed in expressions like “to sum up,”” “it has become clear,” and “I would like to point out”.Instead of this Met discourse the meaning simply can be explained through summing up the whole idea in simpler words.

The second rule to clear writing is avoiding REDUNDANCY as to express an idea in more than necessary words. For example instead of, ‘This is your own personal note book’ you can say “your book”.

The another important rule to content writing is no use of PRENTENIOUS words as some writers use them to drive attention out of their writing, however this makes adverse impact at least with average reader. The example of PRENTENIOUS words are Inexorable, Ameliorate, Denounce, Clandestine, Comprehend etc, the hard following to these rules of content writing would definitely make your writing very effective.

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