Now-a-days, we practically live online: we all have accounts on social media networks, we talk to our friends on Skype all the time, we watch movies and play games online, and get most of the information from the Internet, so why not take one step further and start making money online?

For some people it can become a source of stable income, for others – just a way to earn some pin money. Every month people come up with more and more ways of making money online, but we are going to share some of the most effective and time-proven ones. 

Blog is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas, find people holding the same views, create awareness of a new venture and gain new knowledge. But blog is also a great way to start earning some money without leaving your comfortable computer chair. How? Let us tell you about this awesome thing called “pay-per-click advertising”. Here’s how it works: let’s assume you have a blog with constantly growing readership (if you don’t, you can always launch one on free blogging platforms) and you want to make some money off of it.

The first thing you should do is to go to Google AdSense or the affiliate program that runs and choose the ad you are going to feature on your blog. And every time someone clicks on the ad you’ve published you make a little money. At first it won’t be much, but if you keep developing your blog it can become a good source of additional income for you. Note that it would probably be a good idea to post the ad related to the content on your blog. So if your blog is all about technologies it probably wouldn’t be wise to publish beauty products ad.

If you are an expert in a certain field and you are willing to go through vigorous vetting of your knowledge you can give advice and get some money for it. There is this website called JustAnswer where users ask financial, legal, medical etc. questions and offer to pay to the expert who will answer them.

Freelancing is another great way to use your knowledge in different fields and earn money without having to go to office every day. Unlike many ways of making money online, freelancing can become your full-time job with sufficient income. Whether you are a writer or a designer you can cooperate with multiple clients at the same time and determine how much money you make every day. Keep in mind that if you work with several clients simultaneously it might be easy to get lost in all the tasks.

So don’t hesitate to use special software solutions that are meant for helping managing everyday tasks. With workflow software tracking tasks and managing deadlines will be much easier. Freelancing is a great for financial specialists to earn some extra cash, since nowadays more and more companies outsource their financial tasks. So you can stay at home, work with as many clients as you want and manage all the invoices, expense reports, requests and accounts payable with the help of specialized finance and administration software.

As you can see, if you are passionate about the thing you do or have some professional skills you want to put to good use, you will definitely be able to capitalize on your talents online.

Guest Post by Steward Copper, the owner of Project Management Insights. While working as a project coordinator and BA, He has tried almost all possible PM tools, BA instruments, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. Follow me onLinkedin.

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