The design phase let a training program to be systematic develop. This process is controlled by the methodical development of the training program. This process is determined by the products of the analysis phase and ends in a model or blueprint of the training process in need for the any sort of future development. The model or blueprint there contains about five outputs as:

•    Learning objectives
•    Performance test
•    Learning steps (performance steps)
•    Entry behaviors
•    Structure and sequence the instructional outline

The Design Model thus works as or starts from the learning objective that tells after the training what task would be accomplished by the learner. The performance test relates how a task must be dealt with as for reaching up to the desired goals. In learning steps the task are performed. The entries behaviors tell about the basic qualification as possessed by the learner to get training. And, finally in the end, the learning objectives are sequenced and structured in a fashion to give the appropriate chances for learning that will finally results into a performance.

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