Writing a bio some times become a quite a taxing task, now-a-days, and one should be well aware of what he is writing all about.  Writing a bio for purpose of elocution on a whole happens to be very different task from one that is being written for a website. You should better understand the media, for, what you are writing a content and its tune too should be well acquainted to you.   

You can write a bio either in a first or third person narration. First person bios tend to feel more personal and as a result can create more of a connection with the reader. A third person tense can feel more traditional and professional. You can also do a mix of first and third person – writing the majority of your bio in the third person and using first person for quotes. You must be aware of what your readers are willing to listen form you.

The next important objective of writing is to know about the audience for what you are doing all the writing exercise. If so, paint a picture of imagination and originality. Get unique ways to talk about the person you are writing about and know him well and go to the inner core of his personality. It’s important to learn what you need to express to keep your audience intact. We often talk about what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished…which is very important. Equally important, especially when selling your services, is talking solutions to your customers. For example, I could have simply said that I am a branding, sales and social media consultant. However, if I convert these services into a solution for my customers, the solution is that I help them attract more customers.

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