It is the strength of Google, Facebook and some other popular social media sites that they lure a user to login them without any persuasion or greed. The general content is pulled by a user of these services itself instead of being forced upon them. And this concept of pull is now universally applied to every social media site.  Though, the role of push could not also be undermined as ads, e-mails and other marketing efforts are still employed by companies to attract traffic or get    business from there prospective  clients. Anyway pull is now core to any marketing effort by a web or more specifically cloud company. For a web company the generating pull is very important to make value as well as engagement. The pull benefits a company in a medium where it has become a mechanism that rather pushes companies to get engaged with audiences. So a pull mechanism creates a system where companies make use of its strength by employing means like plan around events, finding offline analogies, answering recurring questions and creating Brand and Familiarity

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