Apple’s new iPad, which is news for its speed, is luring traditional video game industry and game developers to vision gaming apps for it. The iPad is inspiring them to develop games on the similar lines and features 3D shooter “Call of Duty” and FarmVille.”   Apple itself has aimed the iPad to compete with Microsoft (MSFT.O) and Sony (6758.T) in the area of gaming consoles.  From Electronic Arts (EA) to “Crysis” developers Crytek, the gaming industry leaders are trying their best to devise means to migrate      graphics-intensive hardcore games to the iPad. Epic Games and Namco Bandai (7832.T) were officially present during the launch of new iPad at Apple’s iPad unveiling this week.
With numbers of sales for iPad are counting to approximately around 55 million iPads, it is becoming a new possibility for gaming companies that wants their games to be played on more and more devices.  Competition can be judged from the selling numbers of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 units reaching beyond 60 million marks. Capps, another gaming industry leader were also presented at the tree launches of iPad launch.  iPad now with better picture resolution and memory than Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation definitely is a better alternative in the hands of game developers. With bluetooth controller developed for the iPad, there could be a new revolution it the world gaming arena
EA has already modified same games from its marquee franchises to the iPad like “Dead Space” and “Mass Effect”. Germany’s Crytek, which developed “Crysis 2” for consoles and PCs is in process of developing its first game for the iPad, that would be released by spring. It is very obvious that the speed of iPad definitely would bring it more close to gaming companies.  Video game companies are intensively looking at Apple TV as well that with an app store is huge opportunity for everyone.

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