In a recent interview media baron Murdoch said that thet are considering to block

their website’s access to the search engines after paywell system for reading their news. The interviewer asked Murdoch if he viewed Google as stealing content, why the company didn’t simply block access to the search engine. Murdoch replied: “I think we will. But that’s when we start charging.”

Earlier he had questioned the value of visitors to websites delivered by search engines, saying that they did not become loyal readers by clicking on one of their headlines in a news headline aggregator.

Further he told,”There’s not enough ad revenue in the world to make all the websites profitable. We’d rather have fewer people coming to our websites but paying.”Many argue that Murdoch’s determination to make people pay for content will simply mean that people will look elsewhere for news, but he hinted in the interview that News Corp could challenge the doctrine of fair use, which allows copyrighted material to be reproduced without permission under certain circumstances, saying it “could be challenged in the courts”.

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