Marketing Practices for Coming Years in Digital Sphere

Marketing practice has seen changes in technology so swiftly taking place as never experienced ever before. Within span of impressive last two decades, marketing has changed its gear from conventional print and broadcasting campaigns to internet and digital marketing expansions.

We have reached to the year 2016, where, a smart phone is more important than any other device on the earth irrespective of class and creed. It has an impeccable reach to around 3 billion people on the earth. As obvious, now, the marketers will have to penetrate and focus more on smart phone as a medium to focus on selling their commodities and services. The efforts by marketers to be adopted in coming year for developing marketing strategy will largely rely on:-      
•    With smartphone in reach of every individual, relationship marketing is buzz word of coming era. The long, stronger bonds enjoyed with customers will replace short term customer acquisition and individual sales. And this will happen with the help of amassed huge data available to companies accessed through massive smart phone penetration in the market.       
•    As content is playing a chunk role in processing digital marketing strategies, the next step of growth is automate marketing. Marketing automation is a huge global potential worth 50 billion dollar market and has a great role in lead generation and creating prospect customers while penetrating in desire TG segment. The marketing automation will make it much easier for companies to schedule e-mails, segment contacts, automate social media posting, managing content and tracing a customer in a marketing funnel.                 
•    The future will experience advent and expansion of location based marketing while pin pointing a customer at the point of participation by interactive engagement. LBMT (Location Based Marketing Technology as iBeacons, RFIDS let it make practical and possible. iBeacons are tiny, cheap transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to identify nearby devices that can be housed in retail stores, point of sale displays, and merchandising areas. iBeacons let event attendees to make the best of conferences through sign up and engagement in talks and sessions.
•    Virtual Reality as Oculus rift will change the manner of interaction between companies and customers. Personalization will be method of coming time, where, companies will tell 360- degrees stories and allowing people to engage in activities like never before.    
Localized search and IOT (Internet of Things) are other important technologies that would change the way marketing is done in present times. 
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