With extensive amalgamation of SEO in designing and promoting a website, it is felt that it is driving searching engine results away from the actual reach. It is making the worst impact over journalistic news appearing on the internet. With the help of keyword search, news organizations, in order to increase their page views are selling popular ideas and views. It has become a trend to create most read news items based upon popular topics selected from the search volume.

This is repeatedly done neglecting the fact that stuff published this way may not be good for reading and have bad aftereffects. One feels it funny and entertaining after immediate reading. This way, SEO takes the information closer to spam argument. And, therefore spam remains spam, whatever, Search Engine Optimization process you may include in it. Many time tactics of spammers has been labeled as SEO. Search Engine strategy as a smart business strategy can be termed and followed in many ways.

The search data can be used and employed as to produce effective product and content strategy. It can be used as a mean to maximize customer satisfaction and lead conversion. Customer acquisition process many times begins from the search box instead of form on a website. Even organic search even can be integrated with other marketing efforts as well.
So, the debate continues how the search data can be used for the better output and desired results.

The search data can be used for the specific target audience by developing web pages and lead generation pages employing target specific data. Now with search engines, we go for searching for news by the specific keyword instead of skimming the entire newspaper. The search data must be used by journalists to make sure that they are answering to all the relevant questions raised by their readers. On the course of investigative journalism it is the social net working, which can bring about new challenges and dimensions to spread a new story.

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