For a content writer, e-mail marketing, especially, for viral campaigns can be a very lucrative area of making handsome amount of money. However, writing an e-mail is not as much as easier task as it appears to be as the growing difficulty of present e-mail market has created a deeper need for a content writer to cautiously judge the creative features of e-mail messages.

An e-mail is not merely a tool for a communication purpose, however, in marketing, e-mail campaigns quality and effective design is very important from the pure marketing point of view and research is also required for writing an effective e-mailer. As from a marketer point of view, it is period of only three second that allows a marketer to catch attention of reader by an e-mail. Other research has shown that a reader at a time only keeps 10 brands in its inbox, so it is very imperative for a writer to write an e-mailer with the highest concern.

Therefore an e-mail should have four most important goals; driving readers to a desired action; Set a mood/tone/expectation; create a perception; reinforce a brand/identity. Hence all the four discussed goals should be kept in mind while writing for an e-mail campaign.

After defining the goal, the next important task is writing relevant content on the line of set goals. As better your content would be around the set goal and brand, an email is written for, as better it would be able to catch attention of the readers and derive desired result from the mail.

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