An advertising copy begins with writing or content for an ideal customer for a product or service. After knowing a customer fitting perfectly within the range of product you are writing upon, the next important question a copywriter faces is convincing the customer about services and features of the products proposed by him.

In order to accomplish this copy writing task, copywriter can practice writing a copy for his target audience. He can include benefits, mention money back guarantee. However, all these efforts would result into vain until and unless you would not write a copy according to behavioral pattern of a customer.

So, he can seek help from Myers-Briggs DISC psychological mode. The basis of psychological model of Myers-Briggs is the personality types. In the model personality types are divided into DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, etc) types. Therefore a copy should always be written on the basis of specific personality type. Every personality type has a specific behavior pattern and is influenced by certain words. Below is listed some personality types and words related to them. 
•    Personality Type: DOMINANCE 
      Behavior Pattern (Egotism, Power, Capable Solver, Results, Love Challenges, Success, Work hard for   results, High Tech, Power and authority lusty)
    Words to be used in a Copy (New, Improved, The Best, Immediate, Bottom  Line, Challenge
•   Personality Type: INFLUENCE
     Behavior Pattern (Socially and verbally aggressive, Fast, Optimistic, Fan, Far sighted, Good job, Fast movers, I feel, Can be motivated, Socialize)
     Words to be used in a Copy (Recognition, Exciting, People, Popular)

•    Personality Type: STEADINESS
      Behavior Pattern ( Family oriented, Conventional, Patient, Needed Help, Security conscious, Help out,  Look for benefits, Good listener, Loyalty)
     Words to be used in a Copy (Proven process, Step by Step, Guarantee, Promise, Warranty, Take your time, Value)
•    Personality Type: COMPLIANCE
     Behavior Pattern (Thinkers, Facts, High standards, the results is presented,   Well disciplined, The data says)
    Words to be used in a Copy (Accurate, Proven, Motivation in right Direction, Take your time, Analyze, Tried and True)

Thus above mentioned information it would become very easy and helpful to write an attractive and catchy copy.

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