In a blog, it is the design that can be a good reason for a visitor to stop at it, however, it is the content written on the blog that catches all the traffic and visitors towards it. Sometimes, the content written on the blog is found to be so embarrassing, that a reader hardly moves beyond one or two lines as written in the intro of a post. So there is lot required to write a blog ultimately as blog. 

  • Hence for writing a good blog, it is each and every word that counts its importance as carrying on the tradition of famous maxim of literature “Brevity is Soul of Wit.” Try to explain your idea as in minimum possible words as possible; at least for the people who are lazy at reading. Squeeze the idea into 250 words that can go over budget as in 500 Words.

  • Next smarter idea for writing a blog is to keep your blog least controversial when it comes to in term with content and context you puts in the blog. As much you will try to create controversy as fit reply you can receive from others, may be sometimes be implicated into the defamation case or in a legal complication.. Instead provide solutions, idea and finally, good and healthy writing.

  • And while summing up it is equally true as advised for other forms of writings too, read as much as possible to write as better and versatile you can. And refrain from hiding your achieves as every thing and process starts from the initial stages to reach up to some level and extent, and blogging is not an exception to this universal truth. The final golden words on blogging, never brag on blog keep things simple and straight and you will have the traffic.
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