The rapid expansion of Internet and World Wide Web no doubt has broken down all the existingcommunication gaps between societies and communities globally.  The least informality as developed into the conversations between persons on the net is one of the reasons of its developing into a potent medium of expression of present age. It has generated a vast number of new streams in communication and media like social media, blogs, and online advertising campaigns and so on.
However on the reading habit hardly a few readers read whole content written on a web page they just merely scan it go through as fast as possible. On net it is speed that is always available to them to click on the next page. So the writing style for the net should always be quite different from the writing pattern of print media.

As for the convenience of the readers the content writing on net more is of conversational style rather than formal as you are talking with a friend. More of, it should be of interactive style. Here headlines are the real center of attraction catchy and bold. They should be instant attention gainer. Be descriptive about the headlines; at the same time keep them short and catchy. And the first world of the heading is of the most importance.

Not the content in the body do the writing should be like providing all the imperative information to its reader. And express your ideas in a fewer words as possible but clear to the readers in meaning. Do not break one idea into two paragraphs; try to sum up it as possible as into a one paragraph. Thus start your content for net with a powerful heading and sum up with effective conclusion.   

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