E-commerce has become a big boom for merchants to get their online sales consistently rise in upward direction. However, role of digital marketing agencies and technology is optimum level in companies getting their business goals met in time. The technology play role of an active partner while aiding a merchant to   grow his business manyfold. But technological advancement intervening, simultaneously into business processes and modes of communication is reshaping the entire landscape of e-commerce business. The most important factor where digital marketing companies in Delhi or any other urban center are required to focus upon and consistently make modifications is online sales through smartphone.  With smartphone now in reach of every individual, the device acts as the doorways to e-commerce stores. Easy payments, great checkout discounts, free shipping and timely delivery option have made e-commerce a popular option to shopping.

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Now, there are many a number of technologies that a merchant can use in its e-commerce model. There are many a number of technologies that are changing modern e-commerce landscape.


A mix of products, services and customers, the IOT is necessary for business to improve their e-commerce models and offer better services. A merchant can use IOT by various means to improve its business processes and serve a customer in a much better way and instance.           

  • Smart Warehouse Management: This includes better handling of inventory and supply chain management. It enables them for a better and smart real-time visibility. The IOT sensors and RFID tags are such examples that have improved inventory management in real time. Apart from monitoring these tags are very helpful in minimizing the chances of human error.   
  • Personalized Customer Experience: With assistance of digital marketing agencies, expert in IOT, a marketer can better personalize its ecommerce campaigns to improve visitor engagement, CTRs and revenue. Thus, personalization improves customer and merchant relationship.
  • Drone Based Parcel Delivery: The most influencing technological upgrade introduced by the e-commerce companies is parcel delivery by drones.  


Augmented reality e-commerce simply will improve customer experience during their first interaction with a product and services. A digital marketing agency can easily design and develop apps for a customer to have better view of product. It bridges the gap between an in-store shopping understanding and a mobile shopping experience. AR can help an e-commerce merchant in following manner.

  • AR is now used for presenting real in-store experiences.  
  • The body measurement solutions apps are innovations that help to assess body fitting of a user. They are the most apt answer to fitting hassles faced by a apparel shopper online.  
  • Virtual product aisles have let an online shopper to buy from neat virtual shelves. These product aisles are the virtual simulations which are get e projected on the walls of a customer’s living room. A buyer clicks on the products to receive more information in order to purchase them.


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The role of artificial intelligence (AI) will be pivotal in offering e-commerce system an automated mechanism to improve customer experience without being getting programmed. With the help of artificial intelligence a merchant can improves its services and customer bases to a larger extent.     

Finally, with the arrival and broadening base of 5G, the scope for e-commerce amplifies with every passing day.

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