In coming time Google has proposed a massive change with reference to its blogger traffic. Now the traffic directly from blogger is proposed to be converted at a country specific domain.  For example now visitor from India will able to view the blogger at The custom hosted domains have given exemption from these services. Google is adapting to this exercise to promote free expression and motivate culture of responsible publishing. Google would able to handle removal on country basis.

This is a confusing move on the part of a webmaster and site visitor as may consider as some manipulation with the site and even can deem to consider it as an activity of a website hacker or a computer virus. Blog owners also may fear it as an adverse impact on their search engine rankings or visibility. Google will make use of the rel=”canonical” tag to prevent search engines from indexing different country versions of the same blog or post.

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One thought on “Blogger traffic from now on converted to the country specific URLs

  1. I am so glad to know more about this one. I am studying the rel="canonical" function and came over your post. This changes will surely have a great impact to all blogger users.

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