.Net Framework primarily for Microsoft Windows and other OS platforms execute in Common Language Runtime (CLR) .Net provides uniqueness in security, memory management and exception handling. .NET is a platform for Internet-based applications is utilized for providing solutions and business applications for individuals, SMEs, organizations and enterprises. Some of the areas where .NET is extensively used for Web and Application development include:

•    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
•    Accounting Applications
•    Product/Inventory Applications
•    Warehousing Applications using hand-held devices
•    Web Sites
•    Value chain/supply management
•    Integration with partners through the Internet
•    XML Web services
•    PDA (hand-held) applications

Benefits of working with .Net Platform   

•    Language Independence:  The .Net technology is a language independent development platform which allows users to select the language fitting best for their applications.
•    Ease in Deploying: Design features and tools integrated with .Net Framework easily manage installation of computer software ensuring consistency and performance of previously working applications and software. 
•    Security: The design of the Framework diminishes any possibility of buffer overflow that makes systems vulnerable to malicious software and viruses. 
•    Portability: .Net is engineered to be platform free even provides integrated, mobile computing experience. Data can easily be integrated across computing hardware, such as laptops, Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and other devices.

.NET delivery and ROI (Return on Investment)    
With .Net, a client enjoys ease of .Net of combining a number of technologies and using the relevant information at very appropriate place. The software development team can develop powerful but easy to use information systems. This enables businesses to promptly integrate their present systems, information and devices. With .Net, solutions are developed in lesser development time resulting into quality, reliable and scalable applications. It has a higher ROI and quicker payback time.

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