This piece of writing is a brief of an itinerary that a person can enjoy with his partner on a date, irrespective of the fact, whether it is their first date for which they both have agreed after so much inhibition which is next important step in their love, now leaping from the stages of infatuation to maturity or it is one more memorable date in their golden list of recurring dates.
The couple, planning to date, is Indian upper middle class working youth. They both are drawing six figure salaries and are managing the time for the date from their tight, hectic and busy corporate schedule. Because of working in corporate at executive ladder this date means a lot of them and can aid to not only enjoy some personal and loving moments in each other’s company but also is an opportunity to stress out from tiring life at work. Goa for youth known for its beaches and picturesque natural beauty. Romance is in the air of Goa that is best symbolized in Kokani culture and festive mood of people of Goa. Following can be carefully planned itinerary for Goa on a date.
• Pre-booking of hotel: The selection of hotel can be determined according to exotic location of beaches or close to the airport. In proximity to beaches, it provides ease of stay as well will present panoramic view of the blue sea. Hotel could be a three star, five star or a budget hotel according to affordability.
• Pre-booked car hire: This can be done from car rental service providers at air port or at car rental service provider at hotel which is pre-booked to stay. A car hire make it easy to travel across city. However, one should have a valid driving license and must fulfill all conditions to hire a car on rent.
• Breakfast: After reaching hotel in early morning hours and having a rest for some time and taking buffet breakfast in a person can begin his much awaited date.

• Beaches:
The beaches of Goa with mesmerizing sea waters and sands at shore create a magic for every visitor and it makes your date very special in an exclusive. After having sunbath and making sand castle at the beaches of Goa offers variety of fun filled activities to enjoy. Some of the popular beaches to spend out your leisure time in Goa are Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Palolem Beach and Patnem Beach. Apart from drenching in sea water one can indulge in adventure water sports like speed boating, diving, kite surfing, etc.
• Attractions: Next activity to indulge into on the trip is travelling center of attractions in Goa consisting of cathedrals, museums libraries in constructed in Portuguese architecture. If possible, visit Goan villages, where true vibrancy of the Goa can be enjoyed.
• Lunch at Restaurant: After touring a bit across the Goa it is time to dine at one of the famous restaurants in Goa that is already carefully chosen while planning the menu. One can have Indian, Chinese or western cuisines in lunch.

• Shopping (Street and Malls):
After the lunch, it is the time to move on the shopping across malls and flea markets of Goa. Street markets are the real spot to acquaint one with the culture of the place. Where at malls one can shop branded items local markets are good to buy local handicrafts and souvenirs from the places.

•Disco or club (Nightlife):
Nightlife in Goa is bit easy and free from rest of India. It is frequented mostly by European and American travelers so it has discos and pubs in good numbers. One can dance on the western tunes at the pubs or can feel glamour and ambience of the place.

• Returning to your city
: It is now time to return to your city after such an eventful and memorable day that you will remember for long.

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