mouse less computers

Possibility of working without a mouse is appearing to become a reality. Thanks to the innovations underway at IBM’s California research lab, scientist will soon be able to develop a headphone like device, which would be able to control a computer without a keyboard or mouse commands.   The headsets capable of reading human minds will come in price range of 300 pounds.    Kevin Brown, senior inventor at IBM is in the final stages of developing the technology.
However, headsets like Emotiv Systems controlled by mind waves are already available in the market. The Emotiv headset, which can be plugged into any latest Windows machines are used to play games and apps. It works on the principle of simple mind controls. “The current headsets can already pick up a range of sensory input from our brains, and this will only improve over time,” told by Kevin, who is associated with IBM for past 16 years.
The Emotiv Systems reacts to basic emotions like being bored or excited.  It is prompt in reacting to EEG brainwaves and user can train the related software to learn about various patterns and systems.