Writing a promotional piece of web content writing is not as simpler and straight as it appears to be. While further defining web content writing into as form of advertising, it took lot of hardships in bringing out an ideal copy writing piece. The most overlooked aspect of content writing is neglect of an audience and customer for whom content is written by a content writer.

For a commodity or product who can be ideal target audience, no doubt, they are young between the age group of 35 and 50 years of age. Precisely corporate managers earning more than 100000$ per year are the ideal buyer of the commodities that you are writing an advertising copy for.

First of the use of a product can be different for different people. As for a new car, importance of a car’s speed would be of topic of interest for your mother whereas the safety measures it the car will of more interest to your mother. So your way of telling your mother and friend about the car would be totally different in narrations as well as in description too.

Now the million dollar question is that you know well about your mother and friend well as you spent good amount of time of your life with them, how you will read through the mind of your target audience. It is very simple and straight as you can guess by answering four questions.

1.    Who is an ideal customer?
2.    What problem your product can solve for them?
3.    What end result that they may be seeking from your product? 
4.    And information you have about your ideal customer like their age, interests, hobby, taste, etc. 

Answer to these four basic questions can solve your problem of ideal content selection to a great extent and you can move further to write a perfect copy for your advertising assignments.

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