When you have thought upon starting a blog, you need to look into several important issues related to art of developing and writing a blog. The start of blog development should commence from the particular area you would write a blog upon. As interesting would be your topic as much popular your blog would among online community.

After selecting the area for the blog, the next question that is needed to be entertained is the target audience that blog would going to entertain and very first post should be interesting, especially, dedicated to the that section of the crowd. The next, however, careful task is selecting the name of the blog, domain name and the platform where you would launch your blog. You can select from any wordpress, blogger and typepad etc.

After the domain selection and launching of the blog, the next point that you have to decide upon is number of posts that you would make onto the blog. Initially you should make two or there entries each week for the blog. After developing entries into the blog the next important task that is needed to be entertained by is its promotion of external inks and deciding upon blogroll. This way now your blog is ready to fly high with its readers.