Mobile phones have covered a long journey from incubation period when a mobile phone was treated as a luxury and used for a specific reason like communication or any other purposes and carried by professionals like doctor, real estate dealer and other important personalities to, state of the art gadget. The number of mobile users even rose up tremendously to exaggerating levels; from a few millions to billion numbers, globally, and that too with many featured capabilities and sizes of mobile handset.  Soon Cell Phones started getting smaller, cheaper and smaller and have come up with enough coverage and call quality that now can be accessed and reached at any corner of the world. Networking was the one reason that people started liking mobile phones. And in about time of two years there has arrived an entire range of mobile devices like tablets, music players, video cameras, and other such small devices that seems like brining a new revolution to the mobile telephony world. The mobile gadgets have shrink computers and even making them even slimmer.

As for the future of the mobile gadgets there definitely would be a change in their outer physical design, user interface, their processing power, battery life as well as software. However, irrespective of these physical changes there is one inherent and important aspect is the relation of these devices with the humans and there influence upon the culture. First of all let understand there impact upon our reading habit as on we can read book on variety of devices like smart-phone, tablet, or e-reader. Music and movie can be played upon on your music player, phone, or tablet. The future definitely is of the tablet and smart phones, however, other devices like e-readers, laptops, video camera and music players also co-exist along with them.  In coming times tablets can overshadow laptops as a tablet comes with an increased power as a laptop cannot match with about 10 hours of iPad on a single battery charge. It is much easier and more comfortable to surf the Web, read long articles, play games, and interact with media on a tablet than on a laptop.  Phones, tablets, and other small computers gadgets now have more interference with our lives with respect to entertainment aspect.

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