The older days of marketing are over, when, you used to sweat profusely from door-to-door to get a valuable lead to be generated and closed instead have been replaced by the marketing automation efforts in order to generate the valuable business lead by simply using a software.  
Hence, marketing automation software let all the business activities and priorities to be streamlined.  A marketing automation software, hence, carry out all the business activities to be diverted towards your website, whether, it is about converting traffic into lead or closing that lead into a customer.  Marketing automation indeed makes an impact on the conversion and closure stages of the business process. 
Marketing Automation  
The use of Marketing Automation is a very much process oriented. In the conventional e-mail marketing mail blast is done to the entire list of prospects and customers. And this exercise is done again and again. It does work to an extent but its repercussions are massive. In mail, blast you may be wasting time mailing to the prospects those are hardly interested in your lead generation exercises and you may be burning your client list.    
To save your neck from all those hectic lead generation exercises, it is always advisable to use marketing automation processes to grow your lead generation exercise through the highly-targeted, personalized messages while addressing the barriers to purchase.    
In e-mail marketing, it would rather be eBook to target the list of contacts with a thank you to all the who had downloaded it.  Next step is the e-mail to people who have downloaded it offering a case study. A case study downloader can be contacted by your sales team and further follow ups can be entertained.