Crowdsourcing can be referred as process of outsourcing tasks by a person through large group of people or community by summoning an open call. In crowd sourcing, there an undefined call is made urging group of people to gather and perform an essential task in unison. The objective of crowd sourcing is to collate as many as people to sort out complex problems from assistance of fresh ideas that are equally and practically applicable in public life. In recent times this method of gathering people has become much popular with businesses, authors and journalists for getting mass collaboration with the help of Web2.0 technologies. Technically for academicians Crowdsourcing is a disseminated problem resolving model.

With the advent and proliferation of web applications, domain and sphere of crowd sourcing has increased proportionally over the period of last two decades and it is now termed even as web based activity. However, web based outsourcing has not been executed and applied effectively.   In art and Crowdsourcing states an individual presents his opinion more freely due to less conscious nature of his discussion around crowd sourcing.  In an online environment lesser importance is paid to communication than project. Web based idea competitions are live examples of Crowdsourcing.

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