Mass communication that is more cornered around direct customer appeal and billed to be paid by various firms, nonprofit organizations, and individuals for dissemination of their services or products is known as advertising. In advertising, members of particular audience are persuaded or informed.
Broadly speaking advertising varies from other forms of marketing communications known as sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. With the expansion of Internet a new form of advertising known as online advertising is quite popular online. There are many methods of online advertising are popular online.
Starting with Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is concept where a advertiser pays certain amount for every click that users click on the link for his product or services. This service is provided on various search engines like,,, content websites and blogs.
Pay Per Action or PPA is the form of online advertising which works on a concept where advertiser pays only when an action has been carried out. This can be a form being filled out, joining a membership, or an actual transaction being completed. An advertiser holds complete control over an advertising model that is popularly used by web sites which provides a platform for sale of products. The example of such websites is,,
Pay For Inclusion or PFI advertising is the concept where an advertiser pay for the inclusion of their services or product on an advertising platform. This advertising model is generally used with websites that provide free online classified ads.
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