Exhibition stand building in Dubai is an interactive way to present a brand before its target audience. The exhibition stand just should not be attractive one at the same time be clearly defining company’s product range as well as branding value. An actual cosmopolitan city, Dubai is a renowned city for organizing exhibition and expo and is a leading shopping center of the world.
The most of the events are being held in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center, it is one of the largest exhibition venue worldwide offering every type of service and support under one roof. Being such a big exhibition venue like DWTC, an exhibition stand builder can easily evaluate and experience different types of exhibition stands out there. Following are some of the exhibition stand design that are in trend in Dubai.
•    3D Printing Exhibition Stand: Three Dimensional (3D) exhibition stand is one of the emerging trend of Dubai expos. A 3D printer can print anything from a supercar to an artificial limb and in expo industry it is quite helpful to print large scale 3D structures from different types of materials and there cost is getting easier and lower with passing of each and every day. Especially, in health related expos 3D printing is quite helpful in displaying product range and services.  
•    Natural Looking Textures: Another important trend exhibition stand companies in Dubai are applying at their exhibition stands is smooth and natural looking texture. The combination of smooth and rough textures adds depth to the exhibition stand at large. Many trade show exhibitors in Dubai are applying textured surfaces to increase the visual interest of the stand. Textured surfaces draw attention, add depth and richness to Dubai exhibition stand design.
•    Gamification: Inculcating the trend of popular gaming structures into exhibition stands is getting hotter and crazy one now-a-days. Visual reality and artificial intelligence is occurring to be another import part of exhibition stand building in Dubai.  
•    Preference of Square Profile Over Round: Now-a-days, the exhibition stand builders in Dubai are preferring square and box size exhibition stands over other types of exhibition stands. The biggest advantage with square shape exhibition stand designs are that they allows an exhibitor to use the entire space allocated to your stand. The exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are now shifting away from round pole and moving towards robust square profile system.
•    The Rise in Curved Stands with Popular Color Tone: Curved exhibition stands brings a touch of sophistication into your brand appeal at expos. Softening the look of your stand is the current exhibition design trend in Dubai. A curved stand happened to more inviting in place of straight lines and angular stands.  The curved effect can be employed in making smaller pods instead of making a one large stand. Blue is emerging as favorite exhibition stand colour in Dubai.
These latest trends of exhibition stand building have raised the level of expos happening in Dubai.