So, the digital marketing strategies for the marketer in Delhi in 2018 are really going to take a different stature, when, the digital proliferation is at its best and masses are switching from one mode of mobile to another one. Therefore, Delhities are more inclined on mobile phones for the searches instead of typing now on computer keyboards. The digital marketing agencies in Delhi are required to focus more upon the new trends to carryout there digital marketing agencies and trends. 
Digital Marketing Service 
The first point that digital marketing agencies should think and should divert their attention towards is upon the data, analytics and reporting exercises. As much an agency would focus upon the data driven process as better result they will drive for the website results. As google is also rewarding the agencies using data driven process by devising new data analytics processes and activities.
The online market agencies hence are seeking guidance and approach from the data driven tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, Campaign Planner, Analytics and Search Console (GSC) to identify and tweak improvements. Google during the year 2017 have improved through its data analytics Services and their much better improvements still there on the cards. 
Google advances in personalization and semantic analysis, yet there still focus is upon the keywords.
Along with the keywords, the content is another part, where, online marketing agency Delhi should have its focus upon.  The content of different types there should be utilized over based upon the business priorities and likeness. The content there should be based upon the different types of popularity as well as conversion rates. Goal of the content optimization, there, should be focused upon the content working better in your favor.
And with Matt Cutts leaving the Google, there, has not been update on Google since last 10 months and other people talking on Google+ about the Google announcements indicating that changes occurring at Google.
Well, it’s probably a bit of both. Since Matt Cutts left Google in 2016, joining the US Government Digital Service, we have turned to new sources like John Mueller or Gary Illyes answering questions on Google+ Webmaster Hangouts or at conferences. Yet there does seem to be less transparency at Google to us.
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