According to marketing importance web pages can be divided into many divisions and categories; however the most popular ones that are popular online. The popular one web page are Landing pages, splash pages, bridge pages, jump pages and micorsites.

Landing Pages: These are the pages where a person lands after clicking an online ad banner, search engine result, email link, special promotional URL heard or seen at offline media.
Splash Pages: Splash pages happens to be graphical representation of full screen happens to be graphical introductions filled with web content happens to be home page. Generally splash pages are made in Flash and lets a user to bypass them.

Bridge Pages: Are Doorway, portal and gateway pages and are made primarily for search engines not a common user

Jump Pages: These pages are meant to attract attention, towards particualr offer of event. They are made for the purpose of proper and complete naviagtion to acquire a desired content by result. Moreover, jump pages can be understood from pop pages that come up suddenly advertising any product or commodity.

Micorsites: They are the pages which lies between the category of lading page and a regular website. And sometimes have destination pages returning back to main site.