In order to provide its well priced phone a better protection and sturdiness, Samsung Galaxy 5 is planning to bring the phone in the market with unique diamond coating. However, it could be a pre-stage statement for Galaxy S 5, an all metal phone in waiting for arrival. This could be an attempt by Samsung to shun away its decade old design and thankfully create a distinction between Galaxy S 5 and rest of its smart phones including S3, S4, Grand, Core that all on first appearance are each other’s mirror images.
This is the most required change Samsung is seeking its model that at right favorite of the market among android based phones. It is very simple to make it diamond coated as after treating under carbon derivatives under high pressure to make it molten or in a fine power form, it’ll be coated on top of the metal chassis. Than after the surface will be treated with nano materials and be for the final finishing of the smart phone. The phone set to be launced in MWC 2014 will bring new laurels in smart phone sales in the market.