Bug and Twitter now seems synonymous to each other, as after every two or three months, the micro blogging site is being hit by a malware or a bug. This time, the site was affected by a bug that tend twitter account holders to ‘unfollow’ their fellow users without permission from them. The bug is letting Twitter users to regularly unfollow people without account holders’ knowledge or approval. Twitter also has acknowledged about this complaint.
To avoid this type of complication anymore, Twitter is strengthening default HTTPS, where the company presumes that the problem might have generated. Twitter has counsel the affected people to visit its support page and go to fellow tweeters’ profile to verify whether they are still followed by them. Several users counting to thousands in number complained about their nightmare with unfollow bug and reported to the matter to the Twitter. The re-occurrence of this type of issues with the Twitter infrastructure hangs a user in dilemma about the security of his data.
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