No doubt Android devices are fun to use and with that much variety of apps, one is sure to fall in love with it. But when you use Android powered devices, then you find out that there are some potential dangers too. These dangers that we here are talking about are the malware attack and outcomes.
With so many apps and breach of security on your Android phone or device, you can just lose control over its security and pose a danger to your personal information as well as the Android device itself. Well, you don’t have to worry as we have some good tips that will describe to you that how you can keep your Android free from Malware. These will be:
Be careful when you download apps
One of the best tips for all Android users will be that they should always look for trusted sources to get a particular app downloaded. Android Market and Amazon App Store are two good examples in this category of secured platforms that you can trust for sure.
Use ‘Bouncer’ to be safe and malware free
As the popularity of Android and Android Market has grown to a large extent therefore the people who like to cheat and attack popular platforms have also geared up to harm it. ‘Bouncer’ has been introduced by the Google, so that you can have something to get rid of all that malware attack.
Other security apps
Security apps are much important to make your Android device safe and fully functional. There are security apps that you can look outside of the Google security app options. Few of examples of such security apps are Lookout Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security Beta and WaveSecure Mobile Security.
Research for publisher of the app
Before you choose and download a particular app in actual, you should always make it mandatory to check the authenticity of its publisher. If you think that the publisher looks tricky then you must stay away from it and look for some better one.
Go for online reviews
By reading what online reviews have to say, you can actually know many a things about a publisher, an app or even an app store. People who have used apps prior serve as to be the best judge of them. Try to find out what the best of best tech websites have to say about everything that is related to Android and its market.
Always have a malware and antivirus scanner
It is recommended to always have a malware/antivirus scanner for your Android phone. Many users neglect its importance but they are the programs that are essential for you to stay safe and secured. In most of the cases the tricky malware dodges you, by presenting itself as something else.
Check app permissions
When you download a certain app, then it asks you for some permission. For example, if you are getting an alarm clock app then it will unnecessary of it to ask for your contact permission. Skip the app that in itself looks unsafe and messy to be used.
Use a different web browser
Opt for the web browser other than the one that comes pre-installed onto your Android device. This is a useful step because you will always have the hackers and malware attackers choose for the browser that is much in use for a featured platform like Android devices.
Never download apps by clicking on ads
Sometimes, you will see advertisements offering to you an app. You may get allured but keep this is mind that this is not a good method to download an app. Thus, what may be the case always refrain from doing so.
Understand that even good App stores can’t be 100% safe
Users have encountered the malware/virus attacking their Android devices when they use trustworthy app stores or names. A good measure is to follow all the safety tips and keep checking the credibility of apps and programs at every stage. Remember, precaution is better than cure. Stay safe!
Nancy Rorie is a technology blogger who writes about how to get iPhone accessories on wholesale rates online.
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