With new version of iPad launched that has better speed and display than the earlier versions of iPad, is great opportunity for gaming freaks to test their skill and intellect in much better way this time on iPad. iPad, hybrid device is more about features of the mobile computing and portable computer included in a single device. This hybrid nature of the device could be another reason for game lovers to turning to it as a gaming platform. Some of the post popular games on iPad follow as: 
•     Glow Hockey 2: This is the game for the hockey enthusiast who will love to play this game of Glow Hockey. Glow hockey is one of the best iPad games among many other versions of the game. Two players enjoy this game at a time. It is available on Apple itunes.
•    10 Pin Shuffle: The game of 10 Pin Shuffle combines traditional game of shuffleboard mode and a modern mode of bowling game. The game can easily be transferred from iPhone to iPad.  The bowling mode made for iPhone is, however, much enjoyable game to play and participate in.
•    Air Attack HD: It is assumed to be one of the best iPad games. The game is about shooting down the number of Nazi-inspired enemies. The game has lots of power increasing games. It has variety of options in game on varying control schemes and menu with a good numbers of options on menu.
•     Civilization revolution: This also being one of the best iPad games is based upon an award winning title. It shot up very fast in ratings after its launch on iPad. The game is full of technology and science fiction themes.
•    Field Runners: This is defensive type of game uses different evasive tactics during the course of the game. It was awarded as the “best iPad games” for the year 2009.
•    Galcon Fusion: This is a simple appearing strategy games especially designed for the iPad.
    Medieval HD Lite: This is defense game uses strategies and combination of weapons. The complexity level of the game increases as soon as game improves from lower levels to higher levels of achievements.
•     Plants Vs Zombies: The game initially for the iPhone later on upgraded for iPad. It includes a number of mini games and modes being incorporated in it at standard levels.  This is the game about saving loving plants from Zombies in a tower defense game.
•    Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD: Accredited as one of the popular   iPad games developed by Rock star has the portable version of Grand Theft Auto. It is amazing to play it on the bigger screened iPad. It is one of the best adventure games on iPad.
    The Settlers HD: One of the popular iPad games it has very sophisticated touch screen controls. 

These are only a few of the thousand games available on iPad to play on.

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