According to Internet marketing research company ComScore, with 159 million page views in May 2009 was way ahead of the New York Times, Sun, Washington Post, Daily Mail and USA Today websites.

According to ComScore, which is considered the most trusted source of information on website performance, the Top 5 English newspaper websites in the world in May 2009 were (159 million), the (142 million), (124 million), (73 million) and (61 million).

Commenting on the latest ComScore figures, Times Group managing director Vineet Jain said: “The news makes us happy, but there is much more to come. At present, internet penetration in India is only 5% and it’s growing at about 30% a year. As newer technologies are introduced and we further empower our readers, in the coming years we’ll see an exponential growth in our online readership. TOI will become a far bigger player on the global stage.”

For many years The Times of India has been the world’s largest-selling English-language broadsheet newspaper. Now, it is also the world’s No.1 English newspaper across formats – broadsheet, compact, Berliner and online. With 65% of TOI Online’s readers coming from outside India, this truly establishes TOI as a global brand.

The TOI website is No. 1 not only in terms of page views but it is also the most engaging of the leading newspaper websites. The time spent by readers per visit on the TOI site is greater than that for any of the top sites mentioned above. Whereas visitors to the NYT website spend an average of 2.8 minutes per visit, readers spend 5.2 minutes per visit.

In fact, the real number of page views for would be higher than the ComScore figures because ComScore does not take into account the traffic from cybercafes, which according to estimates is about one third of the total traffic from India. In the internet world, where there are no geographical boundaries and competition is just a click away, only the best get the reader’s attention.

Courtesy: TOI

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