•    Be succinct:  USE short, familiar words, short sentences, and short paragraph.

•    Be specific: Don’t waste time on generalities. The more specific the message, the more attention-getting and memorable it is. 

•    Get Personal:   Directly address your audience whenever possible as “you” and “your’ rather than “we” or “they.” 

•    Keep a single focus: Deliver a simple message instead of one that makes too many points. Focus on single idea and support it.

•    Be Conversational: Use the language of everyday conversation. The copy should sound like two friends talking to one another, so don’t shy away from incomplete sentence, thought fragments, and contractions. 

•    Be Original:  To keep your copy forceful and persuasive, avoid stock advertising phrases, string of superlatives and brag –and – boast statements and clichés.

•    Use variety in print and TV ads: To add visuals appeal, avoid long blocks of copy in print ads. Instead, break the copy into short paragraphs with subheads. In TV ads, break up television monologues with visual changes, such as shots of the product, sound effects, and dialogue.