With arrival of 2014 in waiting, the coming times will be explored with an immense possibilities of new generation technology to be used across and for new lifestyle pattern’s ease and strategies. The technologies, which has been developed for a last few years will emerge with a better technological manifestation. Some of the best technologies with a power to bring revolution with practical usage in daily life in coming times include:-
Televisions with SMART TV Capacity: The coming year will witness an immense growth in Smart TV numbers. The major television brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG are providing utilities like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and their web browser. The Apple’s much anticipated iTV would be very big surprise as the company is in process of negotiating a deal with Time Warner to develop devices for Apple.
New Innovations into Smart Watches:  Google watch, a utility in waiting is an alternative for frequent e-mailing, text and social media updates.  To be integrated with Google Now, it aims to provide instant information about anything required by its wearer.  The Google smart watches provide more intuitive notifications in order to learn from one’s daily activities and behaviors.        
New features with Apple’s iPhone 5S: As iPhone 5S is scheduled to be released in 2014, it is a great opportunity to outgrow with fingerprint security as a real thought and idea.  With Touch ID that employs high-resolution camera to scan your fingerprint let a convenient ultra security for your iPhone.  
Xbox One and PS4 will have more advanced features: The gaming consoles as Xbox One and PS4 will have rather advanced features as integrated social media connectivity among players.  Now they would be able to fight with equally skilled players.  Further, these systems allow for more integrative entertainment experience and system.  With PS4 advancement one could easily switch between TV, gaming, music and sports.             
Arrival of impressive 3D Printing: With a lowering in pricing, the popularity of 3D printing is on rise with every coming day. 3 D printing with capacity to produce multi layered product is the unique proposition offered by the most advanced mode of printing. The year 2014 will come with rather better customization and ease of manufacturing.       
Next Realistic Step towards Natural Language Search: Living with personal digital assistant as Google Now and Apple’s Siri will be faster. The year 2014 will have active data instead of passive one. Natural language search here offers to overtake the keyword based search as exhibited by recent Google release of Humminbird, Google’s best algorithm so far.   
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